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Ideal Laboratory was born in 1991 created by Celestino Donati and Marco Baglioni and started to work at high levels ever since.

In years has become one of the main laboratories in italy thanks also to many conferences and awards to one of its owners, Celestino Donati.

The professional growth brought Ideal Laboratory to expand its members and in 2001 the laboratory got 2 more owners -Tommaso Minelli and Fabio Verzulli – with the right skills to raise the level of the company.

Today Ideal Laboratory has 16 operative work locations divided by sections, spreaded in more than 250 squared metres split in 2 floors; esthetic section, temporaries section, bite plane section, denture's section, plaster room, frame's section and CAD/CAM section.

The strategy of the laboratory has 2 receptionists, an amministrative department, and an organisation of delivery/withdrawal dedicated and dislocated around Rome and most parts of Italy.

All the materials and machines have been chosen in order to get the maximum esthetic and functional result so the laboratory has become one of the main laboratories for many materials, implant system and machine's production companies in italy. The laboratory owns the first CAD/CAM system delivered in Italy (Noritake) as well as the CAD/CAM Yena with Dental Wings software and a Nobel Procera. Reminding that Ideal Laboratory has all these machines at their latest version and update.

The presence of all these different machines allows the realisation of high quality and esthetic prothesis on any implant platform, and makes possible the realisation of prothesis in Zirconia, Allumina, Disilicate, Titanium, Monolites, and Cr/Co, either is a crown, a bridge, an abutment, an implant bridge or full arch restorations, in different timing and ways according to the dentist's needs.

With the acquisition of the Dream Frame technology, since 2013 Ideal Laboratory is realising frameworks in Carbon Fiber highly biocompatible, resistant, light  and able to relieve the masticatory forces either in compression and in flexion.

There are no beginners in Ideal Laboratory, and there's no turn-over: the dental technicians raised here stayed here all along, and became excellent professionists.

Ideal Laboratory executes its jobs EXCLUSIVELY on SAM articulators and UNDER MICROSCOPE.

Careful to the evolution of the sector and for years operative in prothesis on guided implant surgery-after the brilliant results obtained we are considered the landmark in implant prothesis – we always pay attentions to the new developments and to the consequent investiments, also in terms of softwares and hardwares.

Every machine (for example the disposal of 6 Zeiss and Leica microscopes) is only used for a precise step, and not for multiple use, from one side this brought the company to a bigger and more expensive investment but on the other hand every machine is selectioned for a specified use costantly under control.

Ideal Laboratory is subjected to quality control and ISO 9000: 2001 since 2005 by the Certification IMQ.

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