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Tuesday23 April 2024

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It's the section where we finalise the jobs, from the single unit to the full arch restorations.

Receiving images from the dentist with the support of an Apple Pc which allows us to have an extremely precise observation of the morphologic and cromatic characteristics, shades and enamel trasparency, opacity and translucency of the tooth, dentine or enamel's crack line, superficial or internal colorations and the right collocation and width of the tooth which will permit us to reach a perfect esthetic integration of our prothesis with the rest of the mouth.

First of all we analise the job, after that, we bring it to the next step which is the building and layering of the different types of Noritake porcelain for Zirconia, Metal, Disilicate and Allumina, according to the different needs and requests of the dentist.

During the modelation phase we try to stick with the morphologic and functional characteristics of the natural teeth. Once finished with the layering and cooking of the porcelain, the prothesis will be finished and checked in the articulation and function, in the correct buccal-occlusal proportions, and to finish it, a superficial weaving is made to obtain a better esthetic integration.

In the construction of ceramic Veneers we can use different layering techniques that can be used to solve discoloration or teeth's fracture.

A technique consists on apply directly the ceramic on duplicates of the preparations in refractory material, thing that permits the maximum possible precision and a very good esthetic despite the reduced thickness.

Another technique is the construction of Disilicate veneers, and for this there are 2 different techniques as well:

The layered technique, where after the pressing of the material we proceed to the finish and consequently we're gonna add translucent ceramic masses with low melting point, after that we proceed with a new finishing and polishing, or, instead, proceeding directly with the shading and the polishing of the prothesis (Stain technique).

Our objective is to provide prothesis which will allow the dentist to an easy collocation with the least effort, facilitating the dentist in timing, and the best esthetic and comfort for the patient.

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