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Tuesday23 April 2024

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In the denture's section we have 4 complete work locations, 2 SAM articulators, 5 handpieces, 2 curings, 2 boxes for finishing with aspirators, a lamp for curing, an oven and press to realise Nylon prothesis.

In order to realise custom trays or articulation bases we use curing base, adapting it on the model after a precise Wax-up, so we get to the light-curing step and subsequently finish them with a tungsten carbide burr; In the articulation's bases another wax is added.

The lavoration regarding dentures or partial prothesis and their finalisation, is made mounting the teeth with lines from the best available brands selecting them in function of their morphology and characterisation, a maniacal attention to the occlusion and firstly to the function.

The next execution of the flanges wax-up sees the pre-use of a wax, before sending the job to the surgery for the phonetic and articulation tests done by the dentist.

When the prothesis comes back from the tests, we apply changes to it, if needed, proceeding to the finishing and polishing steps.

Regarding the realisation of nylon prothesis which have their own strict protocol to follow, a particulare mitten is used during the finishing step.

In the same section are prokected the skeletonized dentures; through an analysis of the model executed with parallelometer, teeth equators are underlined and the undercuts are downloaded with wax, then duplicate the models with gel, in order to be developed with refractory material.

Subsequently we're going to shape the hooks and the plate with the preformed; finished this step, everything is brought to the fix prothesis section which will go on with the fusion and finishing steps.

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