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In this section we count 5 complete work locations which occupy 3 full time workers, furnished with 3 stereomicroscopes, 2 Leica and a Zeiss, 3 SAM articulators, 4 handpieces, a parallelometer milling machine Shick, 3 electric tools, a water turbine, an oven specialised in carbon fiber cooking, an oven for metal's oxidation, an oven for the pressing of the ceramic, a laser welding (Dentaurum), a curing lamp, an Apple PC to analise the pictures received from the dentist.

In this section every model is checked with the microscope to verify the impression's quality; if it doesn't show any problem, we proceed with the stump scraping in order to underline the preparation's margin. We apply a layer of spacing varnish on the stumps, after thast we realize thermoformed copings, sealing (always under microscope) the margin with wax.

Once the margin is perfectly sealed with wax, we start the complete wax-up that will be reduced using a handpiece with calibrated burs, in order to get a frame which can be positioned on a cylinder base. On this base, we pour the coating plaster, proceeding with the metal fusion.

Once the fusion is done, we continue with another metal cooking in order to homogenizate it, so the frame goes for finishing and it's sent to the dentist for a try-in.

When it comes back from the try-in, approved by the dentist, we go on with the frame's preparation for the application of the ceramic. This preparation foresees the oxidation and the application of a matting mass. As underlined before, every step in this section is made using a stereomicroscope.

Many are the techniques adopted on bar's construction or implant's prothesis, for the realisation of these prothesis typologies we use a parallelometer milling machine to parallelize the mesostructures.

The lithium disilicate pressed crowns, after the complete design is done, are placed in a cylinder, clad with Press Vest, pressed in oven and, after a prothocol which foresees many treatments with sands and acids, is sent back to the esthetic section where it will be finished and polished.

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