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Wednesday22 May 2024

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In this section we have 4 complete work locations with 2 full time employees, 3 Sam articulators, a polymerisator, 2 handpieces, a microscope, a curing lamp, a turbine, a sandblaster, a termoplastic disk vacuum and pressure printer.

The boxes with the jobs are taken from the technician that will sort them according to their deadlines. Read the labsheet we proceed with the different lavoration phases, that will start with a complete wax-up of the dentition, always supported by a Sam articulator occlusion and function are being checked, after this check we realize silicone masks that will guide us with precision on the transformation of the wax in resin.

In this section we also realise composite temporaries with any characterization.

Once all the wax-up is turned into curing, the temporary is finished using induction handpieces, checked again in occlusion and fuction and finally polished and sent for the shipping.

Whenever is requested, we insert reinforcements in the temporaries which can be made either fused and in glass fiber according to the dentist needs.

For the realization of the Bite Plane we use different ways, always according to the labsheet. The first needs the use of a vacuum formed mask where we will apply orthodontic curing to create interchange planes, the second tipology consists on inserting hooks and the orthodontic curing is applied directly on the model. For both Bite Plane tipologies we only use Dentaurum curings, and if needed anallergenic Dentaurum curings.



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