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New Technologies

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A short mention on Cad-Cam technology:

Is made by 2 phases divided from each other, the Cad phase (computer aided design) is the projectation and design phase, and needs a scanner and a design software which turns our project into a file, usually STL;

The Cam phase (Computer Aided Manufacturing, is the phase in which our design is realised, a software reads our STL file, virtually placing our project in a blank, lets us add the connectors to it, and changes our file again, usually NC, which will be sent to the milling machine for the production.

Our experience with the new technologies started more than 10 years ago, when we bought the first Procera scanner, which made possible to design and produce single copings in Zirconia and Allumina, and individual abutments.

The scanner Procera Forte's been the evolution, it enabled us to make Zirconia bridges and screw retained prothesis in Titanium or Zirconia.

Then we bought the new Nobel Procera, last evolution in terms of precision in the scans and allows to build every kind of prothesis, with this scanner our lavoration stops at the Cad phase, because the Cam phase is executed in the Nobel Biocare milling centres.

The need to be able to product everything in our laboratory brought us to do new investments to diversify the lavorations, so we bought the Noritake Katana system, a complete Cad-Cam system with a 3shape scanner, with which we can work on Zirconia at its green state which lets us execute single crowns and bridges up to 6 units.

We completed our equipment with the Dental Wings scanner, combined with a Yenamak industrial milling machine, enabled us to build every kind of prothesis without any limitation.

We execute works in various kind of materials, Zirconia apart, we realise pre-coloured Pmma temporaries, Pmma frames perfect for the try-in on the patient and usable also as a guide bridge for the detection of new impressions where needed, castable curing and wax frames, Cr/Co frames either on natural teeth and on implants for screw retained prothesis.


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