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Tuesday23 April 2024

All on Four



Regarding All on four/ All on six, we follow methods studied to solve cases in short time and with the least number of sessions with the patient.

For this kind of prosthesis we can use different materials:

  • Cr/Co – Ceramic;
  • Cr/Co – Resin;
  • Zirconia – Ceramic;                                  
  • Titanium – Composite;
  • Titanium – Resin;
  • Carbon Fiber – Composite;
  • Carbon Fiber – Resin.

The way to realise it is similar for all the materials:

We start with the construction of a custom tray where impression transfers are blocked with resin during the detection.

On the model we obtained we build a resin bar to fix the temporary abutments, this bar has a double function, to verify the model congruity and to allow the detection of the vertical dimension on a fixed support.

We do the wax up taking consideration of the temporary and adding the changes asked by the dentist or by the patient.

We proceed with the wax scrap to obtain a frame that will have a different design according to the material that it will support, the wax up is scanned for the realisation of the frame with CAD-CAM.

In case of a carbon fiber-composite prothesis, before scraping the wax up is positioned in a mitten and a silicone counterstamp is taken which will be useful to press the composite on the frame (Dream Frame technique from DEI Italia).

Then the frame is tried on the patient with a resin estethic part already, obtained from the simple leakage of the white resin in a silicone stamp detected before the scrap of the wax, by doing this we save time, in a single session the dentist can try the frame and discuss with the patient on the esthetic of it.


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