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Tuesday23 April 2024

About Us

When a job arrives in the laboratory, it comes stored in boxes that we provide to the dentist, with the labsheet inside (we provide the labsheet as well). The job is checked by our receptionists and registered on our system with dates, and the sector of the laboratory which is gonna take care of it; from now on, every step of the job is registered on the system (receptionists are using touch screen tablets in order to verify in seconds the position and the development of every job).

After the cleaning and disinfection process, the impressions are developed with the right plaster for every kind of job to execute, or -when necessary- with epoxy or polyurethane resin.

A different attention is given to implant impressions, the job is checked with microscope to make sure that the analogue on the plaster and the transfer from the impression match perfectly.

We realize models with different techniques, always chosen according to the kind of lavoration to carry out, from zeiser models (with plexiglass sideburns), to models with preparations developed in a refractory material to build porcelain veneers, to the recent techniques of model's development finalised to the construction of immediate loading temporaries in guided implant surgery cases.

Every person employed with our laboratory is supplied with all the safety equipment:
gloves, masks, protection glasses and all the equipment needed for their safety while working for us.

When a job is finished is sent back to the reception where is being matched with its tax records and conformity certification; every job is packed according to the health and safety rules, carefully wrapped and sealed to be prepared for the shipping.

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